Passionate about thatch hertiage.

You are never short of conversation when you introduce yourself as a Thatcher, people, understandably, have a host of questions about this rural craft.


I'm incredibly proud that not only have I worked with many of our customers time and time again, most of our work comes from customer referrals.

We are a friendly and professional company with extensive experience across many different types of thathcing projects.

Will Jacques

07976 928 999

  • New thatch

  • New ridge

  • Emergency repairs

  • Maintenance & minor repairs

  • Insurance assessments

  • Timber work

  • Chimney repairs

  • Water reed, combed wheat reed & long straw

  • Fire proofing

  • Moss inhibiting

  • Insurance and grant work

All our quotations are free. We are happy to talk over your needs whether you've had a thatch for decades or this is your first, or if you are looking at a new build and would like us to look over the plans.

If you have an emergency repair please call the mobile number below.


Will Jacques 07976 928 999


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